Transformers Grimlock Action Figure, Ages 8 and Up



  • Transformers authentic figure : Choose your side, the heroic autobots or the evil decepticons
  • Awesome transformers converting action
  • Convert from robot mode to sports car mode in 3 steps
  • Drive circles around the decepticons with the autobot scout bumblebee.; Recommended Age: 6 Years; Color: Multi Color
  • Material: Plastic; Dimensions- LxWxH: 38 cm * 114 cm * 171 cm; Is Battery Required: No; Is Battery Included: No; Whether Assembly Required: No; Skills: Social and Emotional Growth
  • Included Items: 1 Action Figure; Number Of Pieces: 1
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    Transformers authentic figures feature popular transformers characters at a 7-inch scale. Experience the excitement of transformers conversion play with this transformers authentic grimlock figure. It changes from robot mode to dinobot mode and back in just 7 easy steps. Choose a side and collect other transformers authentic figures to stage epic autobot vs. Decepticon battles grimlock is the powerful leader of the dinobots. He is one of the strongest bots in the universe. When battling decepticons, he prefers to let his feet, teeth and tail do the talking. When grimlock unleashed, no decepticon can stop him.

    Weight 200 g
    Dimensions 6.4 × 17.8 × 22.9 cm




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