• Smartish is the trivia game in which you don’t have to know it all, but it really pays to pay attention!
  • You pick the value for your categories based on how smartish you feel about them; ?
  • As you take turns answering your questions, stay alert! You might want to steal someone else’s category or question as your own if you’re feeling extra smartish
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    Smartish is the trivia game where you don’t have to know it all! With 20 different categories?ranging from film and music to sports and technology?there’s always something to make you feel smartish. Pick four category tiles randomly and rank them based on your knowledge of those categories to give yourself the best chance to score big. And make sure to pay attention while others are taking a turn ? you can steal from them and swap categories and questions to take full advantage of your smartish knowledge and cross the finish line first! For even more smartish fun, download the companion app to expand the gameplay with additional categories and questions. App is available to download at no cost. Content is available for free and for purchase. ?Standard data rates may apply, and we reserve the right to terminate the app after 4/1/19. Game comes with 1 game board, 4 markers, 20 category tiles, 8 app category tiles, 8 steal tiles, 4 swap tiles, and 125 question cards. Colours and decorations may vary. ?

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    Dimensions 5.1 × 20 × 26.7 cm




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