• 20 models
  • A step-by-step manual to enable your child to learn the basics of fitting and guide him through the process
  • Crafted from high quality steel and finished perfectly for the ideal feel and finish
  • Teaches and Improves: Fine motor skills, logical thinking, creative thinking
  • Mechanix 4 is a comprehensive set comprising of more than 263 parts which you can use to unleash your creativity beyond most other sets.
  • 7 – 99
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Mechanix Metal – 4 is one of the most popular kid’s construction toys by Zephyr. If you want to enhance your kid’s Imagination and Creativity this is the game for them! The game includes 263 color coated parts that gives your child endless hours of joy. The set comes with a step by step manual in the box, to help young your little one create more out of the set. The set includes 20 models.Reusable

Unlike other building toys every part of Mechanix Metal – 4 can be reused again and again. The whole set up weighs about 1.6 kg and has dimensions 51.5 x 33 x 4.5 and hence can be carried up with your stuff to make your trip a memorable one.Ehances Dexterity and Reasoning

Building sets for kids are probably the best game a kid can play. And especially the advantages of playing with Zephyr metal mechanics are infinite. Not only do the kids sharpen their minds but also at the same time enhance dexterity and reasoning.Long Lasting

Mechanix Metal – 4 is made from the highest quality steel and is perfectly finished for the ideal feel. Every part of Mechanix 4 is very strong, durable and rigid. Zephyr is well known for producing high quality products which have a fine finishing and last really long. Like all other products by Zephyr Mechanix Metal – 4 is also quality tested before sale.Safe

Zephyr Mechanix Metal – 4 is a very safe set to play with. The material used to make this set is 100% non-toxic. The set has no sharp edges which may in any manner harm your kid.Key Features

Ideal for ages 7 and up
20 models
263 versatile pieces
Strong, durable and rigid
Includes a step by step manual
Create your own model and have fun

  • Number of Pieces/Puzzles: 263
  • Material Type: metal & plastic parts
  • Weight 1510 g
    Dimensions 51.5 × 33 × 4.5 cm



    7 – 99

    Ideal For

    Both, Boy, Girl


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