DLV45 BARBIE QUAD Starlight Adventure Flying RC Hoverboard



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  • Bring the out-of-this-world fun to life with the RC hoverboard and barbie figure based on the galactic movie barbie star light adventure
  • Help barbie figure practice and complete her mission by using the buttons and joystick on the colorful remote control to direct the flying hoverboard?s movements
  • Auto-launch, auto-land and a 360-degree spin let imagination soar right out of the box
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    Based on the space fantasy movie Barbie star light adventure, this working RC hoverboard with barbie doll rider on top is truly out of this world because it really flies. Join Barbie and her friends as they travel through a galaxy of sparkling stars and colorful characters. The innovative remote-controlled flying toy brings the hover boarding action seen in the movie to life for high-flying fun. Recreate the exciting action of the galactic tale in which barbie embarks on an adventure throughout the galaxy training, traveling and saving the universe. Help her practice and complete her mission by taking control of the action. It’s so easy to operate with simple mechanisms and one-button maneuvers. The colorful shimmery remote features an easy-to-use joystick and a simple button to adjust the flying height.

    Weight 500 g
    Dimensions 24.1 × 36 × 32.7 cm




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