• Political world globe on foot stand
  • Makes learning a fun experience
  • Perfect for any geography or history lesson
  • Scratch-Resistant, Durable and Lightweight
  • Circumference: 51cm|Spinning action
  • 3 – 99
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With the Globus 606 globe, you can have all the countries of the world on your desk making it easier for you to understand as well as refer to different geographical locations during important conversations. Thanks to its big size, studying the globe is easy and you can clearly read the location of every country. This 6 inch educational globe also covers details on important latitude and longitudes. Additionally, it has all the information about the important water bodies surrounding the planet making it an excellent educational tool that can be used in schools as well as colleges. Made of superior quality material, this spinning world globe comes across as a durable as well as long lasting purchase. Fitted with a unique base, this globe for 3 year old can stably remain on any type of flat surface. Moreover, as the base and arc are made of ABS polymer material, they are scratch-resistant. This ensures the globe remains in good condition for a relatively longer duration of time. All the information printed on the globe is in English so that you can comprehend the details very easily. Being lightweight, relocating the globe as per your requirements is very easy.

  • Number of Pieces/Puzzles: 1
  • Material Type: ABS polymer (base and arc)
  • Weight 425 g
    Dimensions 27.4 × 17 × 16.8 cm



    3 – 99

    Ideal For

    Both, Boy, Girl


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